We guarantee you will love earning our EyewearRewards Tokens whenever you make a purchase with us!

Enter your name and email address and we will send you a Wallet containing the tokens you have earned.


    Simply put, they are Rewards Tokens you earn with every purchase you make with us!  Use them on future purchases and get the very best discounts possible!

    Watch your email for our EyewearRewards Sale days and follow the link to our “EyewearRewards” Website to access our inventory at even better prices than our public websites.  Combine membership prices with your EyewearRewards Tokens, and get the best discounts possible!

    But there’s more…

    Eyewear Developers utilized a “smart contract” on Binance Smart Chain blockchain to create the EyewearRewards token (EWR).  For every dollar of revenue we receive, we deposit 1% into the “Liquidity Pool” for EyewearRewards Tokens.  The more money deposited, the more value EyewearRewards Token has on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

    This means you can spend EyewearRewards Tokens at our stores to get great discounts, or you can hold onto some EyewearRewards Tokens to sell through a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase, Webull, Binance, Toro and others.

    EyewearRewards Tokens are worth 25% of however much you spend with us.  Spend $100, get $25 worth of EyewearRewards Tokens.  Redeem them on your future orders with us.

    Because real-world dollars are continually being deposited into EyewearRewards, it is on track to be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges by April 2023.

    At that time, it is likely to rise in value because investors can easily purchase the token.  At the moment, the token is available to sell in limited amounts on Pancake Swap, www.pancake.finance/swap.  The more money we deposit, the more that can be bought and sold.

    EyewearRewards are also available for any other brick and mortar or online Eyewear Company to offer its customers.   The more retailers who offer EyewearRewards Tokens, the more value the tokens will gain.

    So, spend a little of your EyewearRewards Tokens in our store, save a little in your wallet as a long term investment.  There are no guarantees, but because of the real-world application of the EyewearRewards Token for commerce, it does have a built-in appeal for cryptocurrency investors – not many Cryptocurrencies have actual use in the real world – The EyewearRewards Token appeals to investors.